Our daily program is a flexible one, providing time for teacher-directed activities, time to go with the daily interests of the children and time to seize each learning experience as it may happen to come up. A typical day in the various classes would include a time for free choice and exploration, whole group instruction, outdoor play and special activities, small group stations, and worship.

Free Choice Time

Children move freely from one activity to another or may join a group for special projects and experiences. Children may choose activities such as painting, block building, puzzles, cutting and pasting, drawing and coloring, finger painting and use of the chalkboard, puppet theater, housekeeping center, play-dough, trucks, sand and water table, books, and manipulative materials. All activities are designed to promote gross and fine motor skills, as well as develop each child’s ability to play well with others.

Whole Group Instruction

This usually occurs on the circle rug and is where children learn about the theme of the day or month.  They discuss various topics including health, science, safety, seasons, holidays, special units of study, stories, and much more.

Outdoor Play and Special Activities

Fresh air is important for the development of a young child so we go outside whenever the weather allows for approximately a half hour each day.  This gives them time to enjoy our outdoor equipment and playground, nature walks and science projects. When the weather does keep us inside, we enjoy group games and activities in the classroom or our fellowship hall.   This time includes exercises for body image, spatial relationships, balancing, and tumbling for motor growth, movement, finger plays, action songs, nursery rhymes, exercises, rhythm and music. Children also enjoy special music activities with our music teachers.

The Importance of Parental Modeling

The model which parents offer encourages further growth in faith like nothing else can. Prayer becomes special for children when parents not only listen to their prayers but also speak to God in their presence.

Field Trips

Hands on learning outside of the classroom is important in order to take learning from the intangible to real life.  Therefore our Level II  and Transitional Kindergarten children will take field trips throughout the year to the Wildlife Center, apple cidering at Lorrimer Sanctuary, hayrides at Secor Farm, among others.  Our Level I students even receive a visit from Outragehiss Pets at school.

Programs and Events

Each year our Level II and Transitional Kindergarten children perform two programs as a whole group.  The first is a retelling of the Christmas Story and the second is an end of the year play and Graduation Program.

Usually between late February and Early April, we host an International Night for our school families in all levels.  Each class learns some specifics about the customs and traditions of a particular country prior to the event.  International Night culminates with our families bringing a dish to share from their native home during our time of food and fellowship, which is followed by a performance from all levels in our sanctuary, where they demonstrate a song or dance from the country they have been studying.

In March we host a special day for Dad’s and students from First Step through Level II entitled simply–Dad’s Day.  You and your child won’t want to miss out on this special day of creativity.


Each month we are blessed with some special visitors who enrich our program with music, exercise, and literature.

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